2020 US elections: Associated Press (AP) uses Ethereum blockchain for Trump-Biden election

The 2020 US elections between Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden caused tension around the world. The opponents differ significantly and the election campaign was already extremely polarized. One topic that has always been at the center of the debate here was that of election manipulation. The Associated Press (AP) will now publish the official results of the US presidential election on the Ethereum Blockchain as well as on EOS.

Ethereum Blockchain for 2020 US Elections

For the first time in US history, the official election results of the 2020 US elections will be published on the Ethereum and EOS blockchain. The Associated Press is responsible for this .

The Associated Press, or AP for short, is an institute that has been publishing the results of the US elections since 1848. Their leading employee Dwayne Desaulniers said:

The Associated Press is the gold standard for counting votes and publishing election winners.

In addition to the pure publication, the AP also provides its own Bitcoin Code so that the results of the publication can be verified by developers on the respective blockchain.

Everipedia will also be used for the publication and disclosure of the data. This project competes with Wikipedia, which is completely blockchain-based and uses Chainlink’s Oracle service to ensure that external data is also correct.

Milestone for future elections?

The issue of election rigging has been a frequent and controversial debate. After all, elections are about nothing less than designating a person who is given tremendous authority and making decisions for millions of people.

Daniel Kochis, who works as Head of Business Development for Chainlink, said:

The first step to unleash the full potential of our service and that of blockchains is to make this technology accessible and available to others. The fact that the Associated Press is now publishing the current status of the counts on a blockchain is a huge milestone on this journey.

With the current project, the Associated Press is setting standards. A blockchain has never been used to verify election results on such a scale.

What is your opinion on Ethereum and EOS for the 2020 US election? – Can you imagine in the future that voting itself and proof of identity can already take place via a blockchain? With such a step, the risk of election manipulation would be significantly lower .