Bitcoin Rockets Above $28K, Commands 49% Market Share

• Bitcoin is back above $28,000 and commands 49% of the market share.
• Gemini is eyeing Asia-Pacific markets as US regulatory pressures mount.
• Uniswap founder claims US approach to crypto regulation is „sad and unfortunate“.

Bitcoin Back Above $28k

Bitcoin has regained its footing and is now trading at over $28,000. This marks a significant increase in the cryptocurrency’s market share, now claiming almost half of the total market cap. Altcoins are struggling to keep up with Bitcoin’s surge in value.

Gemini Eyes Asia-Pacific Markets

In light of increasing regulatory pressures from the U.S., crypto exchange Gemini has shifted its focus to exploring opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. The company recently made headlines when it filed for a Bitcoin ETF with BlackRock, which triggered a wave of institutional interest in cryptocurrencies.

Uniswap Founder Calls US Approach ‚Sad and Unfortunate‘

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams recently spoke out against the U.S.’s approach to regulating cryptocurrency during an appearance on the Unchained podcast. He argued that while many countries are attempting to study DeFi and understand it, the U.S. is mostly using it for “political grandstanding”; something he finds “a little bit sad and unfortunate.“ Adams also said Uniswap has discussed setting up offices outside of the U.S., but there are no plans to move away from the country just yet.

Deutsche Bank Applies For Digital Asset Custody Licence

In other news, Deutsche Bank has applied for a digital asset custody licence in Germany as part of its efforts to provide secure storage solutions for crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC). This move could potentially open up institutional investment opportunities within Europe’s largest economy, though it remains uncertain whether or not this will be approved by German regulators in due course..

BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Filing Triggers Institutional Interest

The filing by BlackRock for Bitcoin ETF triggered widespread institutional interest in cryptos across Wall Street firms such as Grayscale Investments, VanEck Associates Corporation and Wisdom Tree Investments Incorporated have all been quick to jump on board, filing their own applications shortly after BlackRock did so earlier this year..