Crypto Anthem Goes Viral at ETH Denver: ‚Blowin In the Wind‘ Rocks the Crowd

  • The five-person group performed a crypto anthem at ETH Denver, the industry’s preeminent event.
  • The anthem has quickly racked up more than 106,000 views on Twitter.
  • Cryptoslate is reporting from ETH Denver with the latest news and developments.

Crypto Anthem Goes Viral at ETH Denver Opening

At the opening of ETH Denver, an industry preeminent event, a five-person group performed a crypto anthem. The song’s whimsical lines like „we promise not to use centralized exchanges run by these toxic dudes“ and expletive references to figures like Sam Bankman-Fried and Do Kwon were well received by the crowd in attendance. The video of the performance quickly racked up more than 106,000 views on Twitter, resulting in some pretty funny comments and retweets.

Reception to ETH Denver

So far reception to ETH Denver has been great with several attendees saying it is the best crypto event in years. Dave Balter of Flipside Crypto told CryptoSlate that “builders aren’t worrying about price like they were in 2018; it feels different now.“ However some attendees are reportedly experiencing connectivity issues with Wi-Fi/cell signal causing problems connecting to booths or protocols.

Events at ETH Denver

Alongside the official opening of ETH Denver several parallel events have taken place throughout Denver including an interoperability conference and Walletcon. With top chains, protocols and VCs all convening in Denver this weekend numerous demos, workshops and panels will showcase the future of crypto and blockchain. This year’s edition entitled “The Year of the Spork” has outgrown its former venue at the Denver Sports Club and opted for a bigger venue at the National Western Complex.

„Blowin In The Wind“ Anthem

The five-person group performed „Blowin In The Wind“, their protest anthem reminiscent of a blockchain during their performance at ETH Denvers opening ceremony. The song was successful on social media platforms such as Twitter with over 106k views within hours after its release. Many viewers found it funny while other found it meaningful citing it as “a bottom signal” similar to that of another popular NFT song released last year.

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