Fed Forecasts ‚Mild Recession‘: Inflation Drops, Bitcoin Surges

U.S. Inflation Data Show Signs of Disinflation

• CPI inflation dropped to 5% from 6%, the largest single drop in inflation this cycle
• Core inflation remains high, with services inflation above 7%
• DXY index sinks to its lowest level in over a year

Fed Aims to Avoid Past Mistakes

The Federal Reserve is attempting to avoid making the same mistakes it did in the past, by keeping credit uncertain and monitoring both short-term and medium-term economic conditions.

China & Russia Also See Inflation Drops

As U.S. inflation data shows signs of disinflation, China and Russia are also experiencing drops in their own respective levels of inflation. The DXY index has sank to its lowest level in over a year as a result of these changes.

Implications for Dollar & Global Economy?

These changes have huge implications for both the future of the dollar and the global economy at large; however, it remains unclear what these consequences may be at this time. It is likely that further developments will determine how drastic any potential effects may be on either side.

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